James Bohn (C-087)


James Bohn (C-087) Panel description: A thick navy blue border with messages from loved ones written around it. Top: Jerry(Terry) gray PWA;Hazen; Keep on sailing sailor Love Annie xo Jimmy James Son Friend Bottom: “I wear your sunglasses …” Love and miss you! Dala LSF; Black

Robert Hayes (C-098)


Robert Hayes (C-098) Panel description: A blue background with texts in the center that read “Robert Hayes” and “Aug 51-Jul 84” written in robotic format. On the left side, there is a sun and moon representation as well as three notes written for Robert by the

Craig (C-100)


Craig (C-100) Panel description: A very simplistic beige background with a focus on a big navy blue heart stamped right in the center of the piece. The text “Craig” can be found on the top, as well as “1961-1989” and “Halifax Canada” found on the bottom.



Albert (C-032) Panel description: A singular letter “A” boxed within a floral pattern on the left side. Underneath the sole letter displays a caption that states “Albert remembered”. Under what looks like a musical piece includes the words “In pa ra di sum de du cant

Gaetan Dugas


Gaetan Dugas (C-069) Panel description: A plain navy blue background with a focal point of a bright gold shooting star on the right. On the left, shows the name “Gaetan Dugas” with the same gold tone used in the star. Number of people on this panel:

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