Robert Hayes (C-098)

Panel description: A blue background with texts in the center that read “Robert Hayes” and “Aug 51-Jul 84” written in robotic format. On the left side, there is a sun and moon representation as well as three notes written for Robert by the creators. On the right side, there is an additional group of three notes written along with a display of a dog and an apple.
Left: Note 1 A wailful heade against the wall deeply trying to make sense of it all. As we float I thought I heard my brother’s voice speaking kind words. Tom
Note2 For Rob Those who have suffered apprieciate love and tendeness. Aunt Diane
Note3 Robert a grandson who taught me many hours of happiness and I believe that as long as there is love and laughter in the world he still lives. Nanaa hayes
Note1: He liveth best who loveth best all things. Both great and small. Love Bette
Note2: Bob’s Beauty nook Love Holly
Note3: To my brother Roby who made us all feel like royalty, to us you truly are our prince. I love you. Haunel.
On the bottom, the text “Champagne, Chicken & Cheesecake!” is bolded in a blue color with a light yellow highlight.
Thirteen names are emerging from the blue text at the bottom in small cursive writing:
Love godam, mom, Dad, Tom, Jody, Holly, Haunel, Neathin, nanaa N, Bella, nanaa g, Diane,Chirs
Number of people on this panel: 1
Panel registered on: Monday, May 01, 1989