“Loved and Missed” by Nova Scotia PWA Coalition (C-096/097)

Panel description: A colorful kaleidoscope effect indicating the names of those who have been loved and missed by the creators in each symmetrical triangle. Some of the triangular patterns on the sides without a name are replaced with a checkered blue background. The text “Loved and Missed” is shown in the center, along with “May 29” and “Nova Scotia PWA Coalition” in the same box. The names included in the piece goes as follows from top to bottom and left to right: Frank, Edward, Fred, Dale, John, Gerry, Jack, Andrew, Tim, Rick, Lloyd, Lionel, Evelyn, John, Margaret, Allen, Glenn, Daniel, Douglas, Wanita, Michael, Andrew, Lee, Donald.
Names on this panel: John, Margaret, Frank, Gerry, Lloyd, Evelyn, Allen, Michael, Edward, Jack, Glenn, Andrew, Fred, Andrew, Daniel, Lee, Dale, Tim, Lionel, John, Douglas, Donald, Rick, Wanita
Number of people on this panel: 24