James Bohn (C-087)

Panel description: A thick navy blue border with messages from loved ones written around it.
Top: Jerry(Terry) gray PWA;Hazen; Keep on sailing sailor Love Annie xo Jimmy James Son Friend
Bottom: “I wear your sunglasses …” Love and miss you! Dala LSF; Black blakes …that trip to Tequila.. sharing thoughts…as we journey together! Love ya! Bruce; “Only the Lonely Love Dan
Left: Herving Cove Love Wendy; Nova Scotia, Canada
Right: I miss you so very much love mom ox
A pale yellow house on the left side with “1956-1988” written on the wall and a dark blue roof with the text “James Bohn”. In the center, there are two pink flamingos facing the right side. Between the house and the flamingos display two bushes and a tree with a heart carving on the trunk. The right side shows two trees and rocks. Above that, lies a sailboat in a body of water. There are multiple seagulls floating in the high center of the piece.
Number of people on this panel: 1