Wayne (C-213)


Wayne (C-213) Panel Description: Against a light blue backdrop rests Wayne’s name. The dates, JULY 11 1936 above the name and MAY 7 1989 below the name, are embroidered on the quilt. A graduation cap with 1978 written beneath it, an image of a

Dale James (C-212)


Dale James (C-212) Panel Description: The quilt reads “The sun goes down But gentle warmth Still lingers on” in three lines of cursive writing. 1953 Dale James 1989 is written at the bottom of the quilt. A sunset setting on the horizon is displayed.

Jan Owers (C-211)


Jan Owers (C-211) Panel Description: The silhouette of a waiter next to a red flower is embroidered on the quilt. Against the blue background in dark black bold lettering reads “JAN OWERS, 1946-1986”. A mouse sits in front of the date 1946 at the

Terry (C-207)


Terry (C-207) Panel Description: In white lettering against a black back drop reads the name “TERRY” in bold white lettering. Two mime-like masks, comedy and tragedy masks, are located in the top left corner of the quilt. Number of people on this panel: 1

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