Dale James (C-212)

Panel Description:

The quilt reads “The sun goes down But gentle warmth Still lingers on” in three lines of cursive writing. 1953 Dale James 1989 is written at the bottom of the quilt. A sunset setting on the horizon is displayed. The rays of the sun are depicted as petals. Petal descriptions from left to right:

  • Green petal with a dog in a red coat, the initial’s BD surrounding it.
  • A brown petal with intricate yellow line and a blue dot (similar to an eye), red fringe above the blue dot.
  • Petal consists of pink, white, green and burgundy background. An orange fish is positioned on the pink section.
  • A blue denim petal with a leather hang lose attachment.
  • This petal is covered in playing card symbols (heart, diamond, spade, club). Half the petal has a black background and red symbols, while the other half has a red background with black symbols.
  • Various shades of brown on the petal, with a medium brown strip cutting right through the center.
  • A sailing petal, the upper background has blue, brown and white strips with a brown sailboat outline and blach anchor. The lower portion of the background appears to be in a sailors uniform.
  • Gold petal with gold stars, a black triangle covered in blue rhinestones, pink and white tear drop shaped fabric and 2 red and white pill patches.
  • Black petal with a large horse head and 3 grey dogs.
  • Multicoloured petal with various flowers in background. Also contains a green plant along with blue and red flowers in the foreground.

Number of people on this panel: 1