Roy RB Wood (C-208)

In dark brown letter reads ‘ROY “RB” WOOD WE LOVE YOU!’. 1962-1989 is written in the bottom left corner of the quilt and two ducks are embroidered under Roy’s name.

A letter is sewn onto the quilt with this text:

July 4, 1989

Dear Roy, It’s now been six weeks since you died and you continue to occupy my thoughts constantly. I miss you in such an overwhelming way that I cannot begin to imagine when a moment will pass that I do not think of you. Although I am surrounded by friends and family, your compassion and loving attention is no longer in the present. I am afraid that there is something about our time together that I may forget. God, I hope I don’t forget. It was too good not to remember our time together.

Our home; which I know was your favourite place on earth, was also my favourite because you were there. We have so many friends that will remember you because of the times they spent in our home. I have not yet returned home since you died and often can’t imagine doing so. It exuded a happiness I’m afraid I will never know again, and I know won’t be there when I go back.

Our friends; always an important aspect of our relationship. As so many other things we had in common, we loved to spend time in the company of close friends. Whether it was partying, dinners, movie nights, TP, cards, Sunday outings, cocktail hour at the Castle, or doing absolutely nothing. They were very special to us and although they remain appreciated and very dear in my heart, they will now only be my friends. It’s just not going to be the same any more hun. It is on behalf of some of our most special friends that I would like to dedicate this beautiful quilt in your memory. In the past two years there was many times when both you and I reaped the rewards of having such close friends. They have come through for both of us.

Our families have also been there for us. I will never regret coming to Toronto to be closer to yours. I have grown to know and like every one of them. I know everyone of them was very special to you. They miss you as much as I do and have treated me with a kindness and respect that surpasses any expectation that I ever had. Rhoda Flea I know was also very special to you. Although she was also our friend, she was every bit the best sister in the world to you that she has been for me and I know you loved her as much as I for being so.

Roy, I only hope that I did everything that I could. I tried very hard to be there for you and make it as right as possible, but if I didn’t live up in some way, I know that you overlooked that and understood that I am not infallible. You have loved me and provided me with sercurity and happiness that I cannot describe. I miss you more than you can imagine. Rest Peacefully hun, you know how much I love you.

With all my love, Ross (Ross? Signed name unclear.)

There are a number of handwritten notes in the upper left corner of the quilt, reading:

Thanks for the memories, David and Linda “R.L”

Thank-you for the gift of life. Love, Buttons, Splat (I love you), Puds, Pixie

Love Always! Tom & Ron (“The Bickerson’s!”)

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