Fred Marshall (C-094)


Fred Marshall (C-094) Panel Description: This horizontal panel has an Arabian nights setting, with a murky blue sky background, with mountains and then green grass. The top right corner contains a shimmery full moon and stars and the name “Fred” is descending vertically down the

Lynn Potter (C-093)


Lynn Potter (C-093) Panel Description: This horizontal panel has an underwater them as it has a blue background, with little silver lines throughout. There are also many different kinds of fish around, and on the bottom there is pink and red coral and green

Deryl Rose (C-092)


Deryl Rose (C-092) Panel Description: This vertical panel contains a black background with the name “Deryl Rose” written in thin, silver cursive to the left side and five silver stars above it, descending to the right of the name. Below the name, there is

Jim McLeod (C-088)


Jim McLeod (C-088) Panel Description: This vertical panel is filled with a light purple-grey background containing varying images of Miss. Piggy. In some, she is wearing a white dress with a red headdress, others she is wearing a purple dress and others she is

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