George Ross (Georgina) (C-090)

Panel Description: This panel is a horizontal placement with a red background with the words ‘Princess White” at the top and “Feather” just below them to the right, in a white boarder. Under the word princess and to the left of the word feather, there is the image of a large white feather with small jewels as well as a small pink heart in the middle of it. Below said feather, there is another pink heart, as well as to the right of it, only this one is bordered with red glitter and partially overlapped by the beginning of the word “feather”. At the bottom of this panel, starting at the left, there is a small Canadian flag and then the name “George Ross” in large, pink block lettering with scattered jewels throughout.

Number of people on this panel: 1

Panel registered on: Friday, May 05, 1989

Supplemental Documentation: