Fred Marshall (C-094)

Panel Description: This horizontal panel has an Arabian nights setting, with a murky blue sky background, with mountains and then green grass. The top right corner contains a shimmery full moon and stars and the name “Fred” is descending vertically down the left side of the panel, with the name “Marshall” seen parallel to the bottom of the panel. Both words are written in large, green block print, with a stitched border around each letter. The centre image is that of a man lying parallel to the bottom of the panel, who appear to be sleeping. He’s wearing a blue, traditional headdress, a “Keffiyeh,” and a striped, multi-coloured outfit. Standing above him is a large lion, staring at him with big yellow eyes. Near the man’s toes and the lion’s hind leg, there is a quote written in black cursive, which reads, “stay well, sweet Prince, And dream your dream of ancient Araby, Love, Kim”.

Number of people on this panel: 1