Jocelyn (C-102)


Jocelyn (C-102) Panel Description: This horizontal panel has a white boarder with a dark, navy blue background with silver and black leaves throughout. The name “Jocelyn” can be seen centred in large, light-blue block letters and in the bottom right corner of the panel

Bertrand (C-106)


Bertrand (C-106) Panel Description: The background of this horizontal panel is mostly that of the Quebec flag, with the fleur de lis represented in full in the top left of the panel. Under this, the words “Je me Souviens” are seen in purple and

Pierre (C-103)


Pierre (C-103) Panel Description: This horizontal panel is filled with a light blue and white striped background, moving in the same direction. In the centre there is a large yellow rectangle, placed diagonally with the top of it directed to the top, right of

Paul (C-107)


Paul (C-107) Panel Description: The horizontal panel holds a background with a salmon colour and birds consisting of blue, pink, white or red flying throughout. The name “Paul” can be seen stitched in large, grey letters starting from the top right corner, moving diagonally

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