Bertrand (C-106)

Panel Description: The background of this horizontal panel is mostly that of the Quebec flag, with the fleur de lis represented in full in the top left of the panel. Under this, the words “Je me Souviens” are seen in purple and delicate, cursive. In the middle of the image, between the top two fleur de lis, there are three birds in a vertical direction, the first (top) is a teal colour, the second is a maroon and the third (bottom) is a yellow colour. The right side of this panel is patially the Quebec flag, but a large portion of the bottom right corner contains the image of a maroon boat with a yellow, round window and the name “Bertrand” in white letters, floating on light blue water. Just above it, there are another three birds heading towards the top right of the panel. The top one is grey, the middle is blue and the lowest one (closest to the boat) is red.
Number of people on this panel: 1