Roy Salonin (C-021)

Panel Description: This horizontal piece has a black background with the name “Roy Salonin” centred across it in large red letters. In the middle of the panel there is the Star of David with an image of Roy Salonin in the centre of it. To the right of the star is a red and white lighthouse with a beam directed towards the top point of the Star and a small pink airplane in the top right corner of the panel. As well, there are small pink footprints in the bottom left of the panel and a small white boat left of the lighthouse. Located at the top left side of the panel has a rainbow hitting the Star; both the lighthouse beam and this rainbow meet at the top point of the Star of David, which is coloured pink. Finally, at the bottom of the star are two flags: British Columbia on the left, and Quebec on the right.
People on this panel: 1