Terry (C-086)


Terry (C-086) Panel Description: This horizontal piece has a blue background with the name “Terry” and the date “1950 – 1987” in black filling the middle. Surrounding the name from left to bottom right are a large red flower, a shield, and a green

Higgy (C-012)


Higgy (C-012) People on this panel: 1 Panel Description: This is a vertical piece with a blue background. In the middle of the piece is a light blue square with the name “Higgy” in white text and a smiling, waving teddy bear. Four red

Jim (C-071)


Jim (C-071) Panel Description: This vertical piece has red borders top and bottom with flowers and a black background. In the middle of the panel is a dancing figure in pink and blue surrounded by musical notes. There are three red boxes in the

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