Tony (Anthony Albert Metie) (C-005)

Panel Description: This horizontal piece has a bright blue background. In the middle is a big heart with the name “Tony” and the date “1944-86”. Below the heart are two white boxes with “Halifax’ and “Toronto” in them. Above the heart is a picture of Tony in a pink square.
There are small hearts each with a name written in it. The names are Cats, Sendak, W.H.Auden, Fred&Ginger, Bjoerling, Dietrich, VanGogh,Handel, Bach, Aida. There is a black hat and cane in the upper left and a black film reel in the upper right. Lower right is a white dove with an olive branch. Lower left is a book with “Proust” written on it.
People on this panel: 1
Date registered: Wednesday, July 05, 1989