Garth (C-216)


Garth (C-216) Panel Description: This quilt is contained by a border which encompasses flowers and small birds that are chirping in unison. An image of a young man and a car is located off to the right side of the quilt; this image is

Bubbles (C-217)


Bubbles (C-217) Panel Description: Panel at the top right corner is a vertical position at the rightmost corner of the quilt. Dark purple background. The name Bubbles is written in a cursive font in both green and yellow. The name Bob is written in

Kevin Floen (C-214)


Kevin Floen (C-214) Panel Description: Panel at top left corner in a vertical position at the leftmost corner of the quilt. Deep blue and purple color background with a green tower covering majority of the panel. The name Kevin is written vertically on the

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