Richard Alan Smith (C-219)

Panel Description:
A zebra like pattern is located on the right side of the quilt; the silhouette of a series of animals are placed in the pattern. Various names of people are written in between the silouhettes of the animals: Edward William Curley, Kathy Turner, Barbara LeBlanc, Aline O’Brien, Deirdree Wolfe, Bill Shiplly, Rae Victor, Sheila Hough, Marshall Sylvan, Kathy Messer, Mark Messer, Ella Carroll, Jon Butah, Bob Burnside, Jimmy LeBlanc, Mark Rosen, Jack Shwartz, David-Sandy, Douglas Cindy, Christopher LeBlanc, Dick LeBlanc, Doug, Mark, Mr. Enos, Joe Gleeson, Marion – Roselyn, Rod Wolfer, Jim – Keith – Jace, Allan, Karl, Carol.
To the left is the image of a sun setting on the horizon with a tree in the foreground. Next to a series of symbols—one being the yin and yang—reads “Richard Alan Smith. July 1942-January 1987”. Behind the image of the setting sun there are messages and positive words around.
Number of people on this panel: 1