Kevin Kirk (C-033)


Kevin Kirk (C-033) Panel description: The beige border around the piece writes “1954 11 02 – 1988 08 21” on the top and “Kevin Kirk” on the bottom. Six sections are separated. Going from left to right and top to bottom, the first section shows a

Peter Evans (C-048)


Peter Evans (C-048) Panel description: This grided minimalist piece is bordered into two sections. The right section is composed of only text, “Peter Evans Design” along with “Ottawa” and “1955-1984”. The left section is a pop-art depiction of a face. People on this panel: 1

Randy A. Quinn (C-009)


Randy A. Quinn (C-009) Panel description: A light blue background with the text “Randy A. Quinn” written in glitter on the top. Below, shows a faded glittery text “1950-1988” and “Good Times No Regrets”. To the right, Randy’s loved ones signed their names underneath “Remembered By”.

Brian Swindell (C-059)


Brian Swindell (C-059) Panel description: This contrasted piece is split into four sections. The top left section writes “Brian” in white over a black background. Next to it on the top right section writes “Swindell” in black over a white background. In the bottom left section,

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