Ted Dickens (C-532)

Panel Description: There is Red Fabric Background with flowers surrounding it. The word “NEVER FORGOTTEN” is written in big bold blue letters.
At the bottom of the panel, right in the middle are the words, Ted Dickens: 1941- 1994, which is also written in big bold letters.
There are various items attached to the panel which include: a t-shirt that spells out “CRAMPIE”, a picture of Ted, a bag of seashells, several notes and poems of which a flower is attached to one of them and a picture to another. Below are the contents of the notes and poems:
Note A: You have been and always will be the one true love of my life. We shared so many things, the laughs, the highs and even the little disappointments. Just when we were planning for our future (now that Darla and Marsha had found their way in life) a fate that neither of us anticipated took over our lives. People keep telling me it gets easier with time but I haven’t found this as I miss you so much today as IO did when we said our farewells on April13, 1994- Till we meet again. Your wife always, Helen.
Note B: God saw you getting tired and cure was not to be. SO he wrapped you in his arms and whispered “Come with me”. You suffered much in silence, your spirit did not bend. You faced your fate with courage until the very end. You tried so hard to stay with us, your fight was all in vain. God took you to his loving home and free you from all pain.
Note C: BC Transit, in appreciation to D.E. Dickens. For an outstanding record of safe driving in 1990. Signed by the General Manager and Chief Operating Officer
Poem A: It is titled “THE WORLD OF ETERNAL LIGHT” and it reads; we travel the River of life day by day, and its turns can bring many changes our way but what may appear as the final bend is just the beginning instead of the end. For beyond it, there lies still another land where you loved one, directed by God’s own hand lives on, although physically out of sight. As peace in a world of eternal light
Number of people on this panel: 1
Panel registered on: Septermber 7, 1996