Stephen Shepard (C-035)

People on this panel: 1
Panel Description: This vertical piece has a white background with small pops of colours, resembling fireworks, throughout and the painting of a jester-like man filling most of the space. The man has tan skin with his head positioned facing downcast at the top of the panel. He seems to be wearing a striped-pink cape that can be seen behind his head to the left. Below his head he is wearing a yellow-collar, followed by a purple and black striped shirt covering his arms. The rest of him is covered with black and white ropes that have been glued onto the image. Along the right side of his body, handwritten from top to bottom in black, cursive, are words that say, “Stand by my side, I can’t be alone. Stand with me as one, we can accomplish anything. Please, you are the one I love. Just accept me for what I am, and take me for what I can give. I gave from my heart, not from my conscience.” In the bottom right corner, the name “Stephen Shepard” is written in large, black cursive font. Just below the name is the handwritten message that reads, “Love you forever. Hilarie, mum, dad”.