Robert Hyslop Bouchard (C-152)

Panel Description: This panel has a blue background. The left of the panel has an embroidered light blue bird soaring high while holding 2 black strings. Next to the bird at the bottom are 3 pink coloured musical notes. Above the notes is the name “ROBERT HYSLOP” written in white bold block letters and they are written in an arch. Next to the name and on the right of the panel is a tree which is not very defined and at the left side of the foot of the tree is a shovel with a white cowboy hat in the place of the handle. Below the tree and on the bottom of the panel is a white star followed by the words “BOUCHARD” written in white. Lastly, in the middle of the panel and at the bottom are 5 similar bouquet of flowers. Within each bouquet are red, yellow and white flowers.
Number of people on this panel: 1