Relay for Hope – Nova Scotia (C-653)

Panel Description: This panel is second from the top on the right side from the viewer’s point. In the panel, there is a white lighthouse with a red cupola on an island situated on the right side of the panel. Around the island, there is water, depicted with dark blue water at the very bottom of the panel and the water gets lighter as you go up, until one point where it is white. On the left side of the panel, there are three hills in three different shades of green, where the lowest hill is the darkest green and the highest hill is the brightest green. On the highest hill there are three trees without any leaves and a clock tower that is transparent, and therefore matches the colours of the sky. The clock is situated on the lower half of the tower with windows surrounding it. The sky is four different shades of blue; the top of the sky is a sky blue, next is a blueish purple, next is a shade mixed with purples, blues, and white, and lastly a mix of blue and white. In the sky there is a light brown bird with green and maroon at the end of its feathers. In the sky, it says the following; “Ciad, Mile, Failfe” in an italic format. There is also a blue and green plaid cloth at the bottom of the panel shaped in the map outline of Nova Scotia and the NS in black block letters for Nova Scotia on the right lower corner.
On the back of the panel: the following artist is listed: ‘Barbara Chapman – “Nova Scotia” of Oakville, ON March 2015’