Relay for Hope – Northwest Territories (C-643)

Back of the panel:
Our small artistic group, consisting of Lorie Prohaszka, Lynn Thomas, Karen Sirianni, Dianne Somerville and Carlene Prohaszka, reside in Niagara Falls, Ontario. As none of us have had the pleasure of visiting the Northwest Territories, we did a lot of research and find this country of ours so diverse, beautiful and full of many wonders.
We focused our quilt design using their polar bear licence plate and the Northern Lights, using the influence of Ted Harrison’s paintings. We included our artisitic rendition of the Mountain Avens flower, the Tamarack tree, the Arctic Grayling fish, the Gryfalcon bird and the Inuksuk.
What a beautiful country we live in! We all hope to see the Northern Lights some day! May our small contribution designing & contructing this panel give the people living with HIV/Aids some comfort knowing we all care.