Paul A Leclerc (C-434)

Panel description: This panel is located second from the top on the viewer’s right side. The background is a light pink and at the very top in block, capital black letters it says “BROTHER… UNCLE… FRIEND”. Under this, in an arch it says “PAUL A LECLERC” in capital, cursive, black letters. Under this is a yellow cloud. In the yellow cloud it says the following: “My Uncle. My uncle is a victim of something that nobody loves. He sits there and stares into space with dark purple spots on his face. He is sad and so am I. I don’t like to look him in the eye. If you didn’t guess what’s on these lines It’s something that will chill your spines. This is something that’s not funny. He read positive on HIV. JESSE” Under this is a picture of a sun setting between two mountains. The mountains are a blueish green with snow on their peaks. The mountain in the front has a green pine tree on it. Under the mountains there is light blue water. Over the sun in pink writing it says “PAL” in block, capital letters in a blue sky. The whole picture is surrounded by a darker pink frame. On either sides of the panel, there is a cartoon Mickey Mouse character in the regular red shorts, big shoes, and black ears. The Mickey Mouse on the viewer’s left side is on a blue background outlining his figure, with a red balloon signed with the name “Jesse” and a yellow ballon signed with the name “Debbie”, both attached with a yellow ribbon. The Mickey Mouse on the viewer’s right side in on a white background outlining his figure, with and green balloon in the front signed with the name “Chantel”, a purple balloon in the back signed with the name “Ricky”, and an orange balloon in front of it signed with the name “Harvey”, all attached on yellow ribbon as well.
Around the edges of the panel are these words,” Uncle Paul the admiration we have for you the courage, self esteem and ability to express ourselves comes from you loving and missing you Jesse. Clear brother your touch, gentle embrace, kindness and caring disposition especially your determination, your free spirit, love of life, smile, laughter, keen sense of humor, your creativity, ingenuity and quiet talks are a constant reminder of the hard loss. We are all missing you very much your sister, Monna x Jackie x Brenda, always remembering.”
Number of people on this panel: 1
Panel registered on: Thursday, May 25, 1995