John Fletcher (C-412)

Panel Description: Cream coloured horizontal panel with the name “John Fletcher” written across the panel in large, blue cursive scripture, with the date 1959-1989 just below it in the same script. The top left corner contains a brown, paisley scarf . Around the panel are individual messages, handwritten by various people. These messages are as follows:
-“Thank you, John, for your example of patient tolerance and dignity – with respect, Jacqueline Fraser”
-“End of the shift, muffins and tea, quiet, conversations… and shared smiles. Thank you, john. Love Mark”
-“We met so briefly John, and yet at times we knew each other well, our hearts touched. Thanks for the trust and sharing. Love, Shelby”
-“John, I’ll remember most – the whispered, gentle meetings at dawn…. love Singne”
-“John, thanks for holding me with kind, special thoughts. It was mutual. Love Holly”
-“I’ll miss our quiet times together… keep on weaving. Love Gordon”
-“John, when I watch a gentle dancer or stand at the water’s edge, with the waves lapping over my toes, then I’ll most think of you and remember… Millie”
-“John, I enjoyed our too few but wonderful … [remainder of message unable to be read] -“John, I’ll always remember you and your cat or kitten. Love Armand Hurfod”
-“Beloved John, your unfettered spirit can now attain its loftiest goods. All our love, Mum, Dad and Ross”
-“John I miss you and I’ll always remember you. And Misty too. Love Chelsea” [Above this message is a small, round picture of a young girl with her cat] -“John, you gave me so much in such a short time. So many miracles I have seen in your face. You have touched me where few have been before, I’ll always remember the evenings of quiet, peaceful silence, just you and I, holding hands until you went to sleep, the times I held you, the times you held me. In spirit we shared so much more than most. I’ll always remember your quiet, gentle spirit. I know that you danced your way to heaven on angels’ wings. Someday I’ll join you and we will have a class reunion, until then peace be with you, my peace I give to you. All my love, Topher”
-“Dear John, go placidly amid the noise and the haste and remember what peace there may be in silence… from Karen”
-“Thanks for sharing your muffins, love [Pawprint in black ink] (Sarah)”
-“You’ll be with all the little birds and the wild flowers. Adieu mon bō. Françes”
-“Softly, gently, you touched my heart. Love Darlene”
-“I met you as a dancer and got to know you as a brave spirit and a gentle man. My son and I cherish our friendship with you. Jackie”
-“John, for your calmness, gentleness and courtesy I thank you. God bless [Unable to read name]”
-“Dearest gentleman, I’ll always see you smiling, dancing each dawn and I’ll reach for the dreams you told me are mine. Love Sue”
-“For John and Joy – Wrapped in the dark-red mantle of warm memories, the little, slender soul sits swiftly down and takes the oars and draws away, away towards dark depths, wafting with warm love from still living hearts breathing on his small frail sail and helping him on the fathomless deeps ahead, far, far from the grey shores of marginal existence (D.H. Lawrence)
-“You’ll be safe my little love, with me, your heart. Richard”
-“John, you are every in my heart. Good night sweet Prince. Love, [Unable to read name]”
-“If it’s better ‘to light just one little candle,’ how much better if one lights do many… as you have? Nancy xxx”
-“Sweetheart – you were right. ‘Something will happen, then something will happen and then something will happen.’ I’ll remember to drink bottled water, buy Olympic yogurt, appreciate silence and follow my heart. With deepest respect John. I love you. Joy xxxooo”
-“Star Dust Eternity, an endless glorious dance. Angel (& Mary)”
-“John, and suddenly you outgrew your body and danced your spirit to the stars, effortlessly, tirelessly, becoming an integral part of the dance of our universe where all our energies meet. Love, Dora”
-“Sleep well, sweet John, no more pain. –Molly”
Number of people on this panel: 1
Panel registered on: Saturday, May 22, 1993