Jody McEachern (C-618)

Number of people on this panel: 1
Panel registered on: Sunday, June 15, 2003
Panel Description: This panel has a beige background with a dark red, white and black Aztec-style trim on the top of the panel. On the lower portion of the panel there are about 18 colorful earth-toned patches forming the initials J Mc and smaller, black letters filling out the spaces to form the name “Jody McEachern”. On top of the name the dates 1964 – 1994 are written in black. Between the trimming and the name/years there are various pictures, drawings, and objects.
Description of the information on the patches from left to right:
There is a paint palate made from a fabric with red and white lines. Across the top of the palate is a thin, long, black paint brush. In black marker on one of the white lines, it reads “Hawaii 1992”. There are also two yellow surfboards on the fabric.
Below the paint palate, shifting to the right of the panel, is a dream catcher. The dream catcher has a beige ring and white threads. Attached to it are two beige strings with black beads. There are white and black feathers at the end of the strings.
Slightly below the dream catcher, is a patch of a red bull’s head. It is slightly tilted to the left, with two sharp horns and two black eyes.
A little bit below the bull, there is a hand drawn image of a cactus, it is small and is filled in with black marker.
Moving to the right of the panel, there is a printed image of an older woman. The image is approximately 8”x10” with a portrait orientation. The image has a precise thick border, consisting of interwoven brown thread with a brown background which frames the entire photo. It is a hand drawn image. The woman has light coloured hair and it is parted in the middle of her scalp. The woman has a braid in her hair that rests on the right side of her chest, and her hair loose on the left side. The woman’s eyes are shut, she has distinct cheekbones, pursed lips and a sharp nose. Her dress has a few bright pink patches. Around her neck is a necklace with a large oval jewel in the middle, it has pink, red and yellow stones on it.
Moving to the right of the panel about 2 inches, is another image. The image is printed onto the fabric and it is a photograph. It is framed by the same light brown interwoven border as the previous image. The border is about an inch thick and frames the entire photo, this image is approximately 6”x 8”. The photograph is of Jody. He is standing in the middle between two younger women, who are both wearing white graduation caps and gowns. In the image, Jody is wearing a black and green tie, with a beige shirt and light green khaki pants. Jody’s arms around the two graduates. The girls both have curly brown hair and are shorter than Jody. They are all smiling in the photograph.
Shifting to the right, in the centre of the panel, is a large image of Jody. It is a landscape photo about 10”x14” and is framed with the same light brown interwoven border, surrounding the entire image. It is a close up, side profile of Jody. He is wearing a brown cowboy hat and has it slightly tilted towards the front of his face, making only one of his eyes visible. Jody is wearing a white long sleeved T-shirt, which has a set of blue, yellow and red lines, every few inches. Jody has his left arm lifted in the air, and is sitting on a couch.
The next image moving towards the right of the panel is a photo of Jody’s cat. The image is printed onto the fabric of the panel. It is a portrait style 6”x8” photo. The cat is a Siamese cat, and has bright blue eyes, light beige and black fur on its body. The cat is seated on a bed.
Right next to the photo of the cat, is a small hand drawn image of a building with black marker. It is filled in lightly with the black marker to provide colour for the building and the windows are fully black.
Towards the right end of the panel at the corner there is patches of orange and yellow fabric. They are assembled to shape the sun. The circular patch being the sun, is yellow, and the orange patches are cut out as long and connected sun rays and placed right below the sun.
Below the sun, tilted to the right, and below the drawn house, is another printed photograph of Jody, it is printed onto the fabric. It is in portrait orientation and sized approximately 4”x 6”. It is framed with the same light brown interwoven patch, as the previous images. The photo is of Jody with a male friend, he is standing to the right and is wearing a gray sweater. The other gentleman has bright blonde hair and is wearing a white T-shirt. He has his arms around Jody. The two are smiling. The image has a black background.
Right beside the tilted image, is a small hand drawn, character with long hair and the character is playing an instrument. It is filled in lightly with black marker and outlined boldly with the black marker.
Below the photo and the character, is a large cowboy hat woven into the quilt with burgundy fabric. The hat has a white trim towards the middle of the arch where it is placed on the head.