Jacquelin R Tremblay (C-147)

Panel Description: This has a light blue background. On the left hand of the panel and also occupying the middle part of the panel is a large black shirt. On the shirt are illustrations of bamboo sun umbrellas as well as summer mats. The arms of the shirt have a brown and white African-like pattern. The left arm has 2 pins, one of the Canadian flag and the other of British Columbia. The right arm has a medium-sized circular pin with DQ on it.
The left side of the shirt has 3 flags of British Columbia, Nova Scotia and Ontario.
Below the shirt and at the bottom of the panel is “ 1953” in black font and then “ JACQUELIN R. TREMBLAY” in a rainbow font, followed by “1989” in black.
On the right hand of the shirt and occupying part of the middle of the panel are pictures, a rosary, attachment and pins.
There are 4 pictures that are right beside the shirt, two of them are of dogs, the other is of a man who presumably is Jacquelin and the last one is of Jacquelin and another older man. Beside the picture on the right is the rosary and next to the rosary is a French poem with a statue of the Virgin Mary as the picture that precedes the poem. There is also another image of the Virgin Mary attached. Below this is a white t-shirt and black bow-tie
Number of people on this panel: 1