Gil Kahn and Al Stein (C-116/117)

Panel Description: This panel is made up of a combination of colours. Beginning with the left side, you have 3 vertical strips of colour, all in different shades of purple. Going from left to right, the colours are light purple, purple and indigo. With your concentration still on the left side of the panel, we have the name “GIL KAHN” written in the middle of this colour gradient. Surrounding the name are 3 bird silhouettes, the first is white in colour and appears at the top of the name near the “G”. The second is indigo in colour and appear at the left side of the name beside the “K” and the last bird is light blue and it appears on the “H”.
Next, we have the middle of the panel which takes about ¾ of the whole panel. It has a blue background and in the middle is a short piece of writing written on a circular white background with a mix of indigo, white and light blue bird silhouettes surrounding the border of the white circle. The piece reads,
“Lean on me
When you’re not strong
I’ll be your friend
To help you carry on… “
Below this, at the bottom of the panel are 4 black hands. Starting from the right, one hand appears to be reaching out to shake the other, these two hands are replicated with a mirror image placed beside the hand on the right.
The right side of this panel follows the same colour scheme described on the left side of the panel. Going from left to right, you have the indigo colored strip, purple strip and the light purple strip. In the middle is the name “AL STEIN” written in black letters. There is a white bird silhouette situated on the letter “L”, an indigo bird silhouette beside the “S” and lastly, a light blue bird silhouette on the “N”.
Number of people on this panel: 2