George Arnold (C-541)

Panel Description: This panel has a red- checkered long-sleeved shirt sewn with 4 notes attached onto the shirt. The first note on the breast panel reads: “Always remembered and loved- son of Hilfred and Mildred Arnold”. The other 3 notes are located on the right hand of the shirt have a) Brother b) Brother Bill and family c) Sister Kathryn and family written on it. The bottom-right corner of the panel has the words “ GEORGE ARNOLD, 1947-1993” written in a bold red font.
The rest of the panel has 2 pictures, one of George and the other of a landscape. The last item on the panel is a diamond-shape piece of white cloth with a pig embroidered on it and the words “ARNOLD ZIFFLE”.
Number of people on this panel: 1
Panel registered on: Friday, November 22, 1996