F Douglas Starratt (Douglas Starratt) (C-372)

Panel Description: This section has a purple background with the name F. Douglas Starratt written in bright yellow rope with the years 1946-1991 below at the bottom, and below that in orange rope Vancouver BC.
In the center of the quilt there is a navy blue T-shirt which reads W/B Monte Cristo Charter Line, and above this a white T-shirt reads Simon Fraser University Intramurals. This quilt has a number of badges, beginning with the top section (12) in the top left corner and moving across: 3 red hearts with Mother, Son, Father written inside, a four-leafed clover, A pink square holding a red heart with David, Quebec written inside, another pink patch containing the words Clark, BC, a blue peace sign with the Fleur-de-lis, a white patch containing a treble cleft, 2 sharp signs and 2 flat signs, a pink Trillium containing the names Jeanne, Lorraine, Arlene and Carolyn, A yellow unicorn with Russel written over top, 2 more four leaf clovers, a badge reading Kensington Service. Beside the navy blue T-shirt there are 5 more badges, beginning on the left and moving to the right: A white badge reading Ms. Y. Dorothy in pink, another treble cleft with 2 sharp and 2 flat symbols, a yellow oval badge reading Vancouver Island Helicopters, a white dove with P.W.A written inside, and a blue circular badge with the lambda symbol. Below the T-shirt there are 7 badges in a row, moving from left to right they read: Esperanto Internacia Lingvo, Lake Louise, Moraine Lake, Kitimat British Columbia, Victoria British Columbia, Nevada, Oregon, Death Valley Hatl Mon California. Undernearth this there are 3 large badges: “The Quilt, A Spread of Hope Canada 89”, “Walk for AIDS, 91”, and “Vancouver Mens Chorus, 10th Anniversary Tour 1991, Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Washington DC, Montreal.”
Number of people on this panel: 1
Panel registered on: Thursday, May 20, 1993