Doug Babuik (C-248)

Panel Description: This panel has a bright blue background. The left side of the panel has a wanted poster attached with a picture of Doug Babuik with a cowboy hat and clear glasses. At the bottom of the wanted poster, it says, “Reward, $1,000,000 – U.S. MARSHAL” in black. Next to this poster is his name in yellow letters, “DOUG BABUIK”, surrounding his name and occupying the rest of the panel are badges. Below are the contents of each of badge:
Wolf cubs Canada, boy scouts, it’s the real thing, daily province merit award, pioneer paving, 1960 C.K, Calgary 1988, ICE ARCTIC 1977, Parry Islands N.W.T, BOYSCOUTS BE PREPARED, CAMPOREE CALGARY 1958, 1964 CALGARY ADVENTURE TRIP, ST MARTINS, CANADIAN RED CROSS, SPIRIT OF 76 SCOUT-O-RAMA,XV WORLD JAMBOREE MONDIAL- ALBERTA CANADA 1983, CAPILANO GEOPHYSICAL.
At the bottom of the panel is a yellow strip of fabric.
Number of people on this panel: 1