Donald Dunbar (C-539)

Panel Description: A Blue Background with the words “Donald Dunbar, 1961-1991” written in yellow at the top of the panel. There are signatures that surround the panel as well as a picture of Donald, a car, golf clubs, a tennis racket, a boat, a star and boxing gloves. A poem titled “Strength” is also attached and below is its content:
He opened his circle and let me in at a time when openings are hard. He bared his soul and shared his past, his present and dreams. He fought with courage and tears, a conflict, formidable and harsh. He gained wisdom and insight grew as motherly loved enveloped him. He taught me patience and love as he accepted me and what I stood for. He gave new meaning to the word hope as I saw the world though his eyes. He showed me the joy a family can bring when all else is but a dream. But most of all, he gave me strength when he reached out and called me friends. With love, Glenna McLeod.
The following are writings on the panel:
1. Thinking of you always – Love Brad Smallwood.
2. Love x Kisses – Mickey xxxooo
3. Donald Miss you Buddy! – Love MaryJo Kastern
4. Love Bob Powell
5. I miss you kiddo! Love Cathy
6. To the dearest of Friends. I’ll remember you always- Love Randy
7. Love Meghan Caroll
8. Through all the emotions, when I think of you, Love shines through the brightest. With you always, Love fiff.
9. Donald, you were my 1st love, you set the stage for a part that is made of me that makes me whole. Thank you. Love Delva Galandy
10. With love- David Power
11. Our friendship will last forever – Love Scott
At the bottom left of the panel, there is picture of a heart and it are the words, “forever loved, from your family – Donna, Berian, Mom, Gary, Robbie and Ray.
Number of people on this panel: 1
Panel registered on: Friday, November 22, 1996