Derek Naylor (C-007)

People on this panel: 1
Panel Description: This is a vertical rectangular piece with a white background. The name on the panel is Derek Naylor and it is accompanied by the dates 1941-1987. In addition to the text are collections of photos depicting Derek in all aspects of his life; work, relationships, travels and his hobbies. On the bottom left corner are two recipes, handwritten in darker squares. The first is for a roast goose and the recipe is as follows:
“Roast Goose: take out from freezer 3h prior to cooking. Make sure it is completely thawed.
Stuffing- Fry sausage meat to drain off fat. Season with a little salt and pepper. Stuff goose, make up Uncle Ben’s stuffing according to package instructions – stuff goose. Boil onions and stuff. Slice a lemon and put in 3 or 4 slices inside the goose to cut fat flavour.
Roasting – can add a little salt to inside of bird before stuffing. Rub lemon juice on outside of goose. Preheat oven to 450 degrees F. Place bird a [illagable word] a large pan in oven. Set oven to 325 degreesF. Place pan on second rack from bottom of oven, do not cover. Goose should be roasted with breast up. Will take 15 min/lb. Total for 8.5lb bird is 2-2.5 h. Suction off fat once or twice . Some additives given by smoke to haze inside oven. Do not allow fat to cover goose. To test for goose being cooked – prick with fork in thigh area if ready, it will ooze clear fat.
Gravy – when giblets are removed from goose, simmer all but line in water wth chopped onion and celery, salt and pepper for 1 hour. Fry liver separately with seasoning and then add to giblet stock. Scrape meat from neck and trim neck away. Chop liver/heart before simmering. After taking out goose from pan, add a little water to pan juice. Add about ½ cup of flour mixed with cold water to pan juice. Add chopped giblets, simmer.”
The second recipe is as follows:
“Cheese Cake (Easy to Make): 8 inch pan, Graham wafter craust – prepare strictly according to instructions on package.
12 oz white cream cheese (Philadalphia)
2 eggs
A dash of salt
½ cup sugar
¾ tsp. of vanilla flavouring
Mash up cheese, add eggs, salt, flavouring, mix until fluid (fairly) and free from lumps. Add mixture to pan. Bake for 35 min at 350 degreesF (preheat oven). Remove from oven, cover with 1 cup of sour cream. Return to oven and bake for 4-5 min. at 350 degreesF. Remove and cool.”