Daniel M Smith (Daniel Murray Smith) (C-036)

People on this panel: 1
Panel Description: The sparkling purple background gives the focal pieces more flare. The pink crewneck located on the left side has an image of a headshot along with the following text:
Just imagine yourself in a room full of crystals
A body of light free of worry and pain
A prism of colour, a mirror of beauty
The strength that you need is the hope that you gain
Your dreams are echoes of your soul
In your mind, the crystal echoes to your soul.
On the right side, “DANIEL M. SMITH” is written in block letters with the D starting near the sleeve of the crewneck and with the name going down and curving to the right with the word SMITH. A pen and a paintbrush are included in this piece: the pen on the crewneck and the paintbrush on the side of the text on the right side above the name.