Charles Torres-Fuentes and Trevor Earl Trudeau (C-353)

Panel description: This panel is located in the top right corner and is divided into three sections. The first section, on the viewer’s left side, has a black cowboy hat with a red ribbon just above the base of the hat. Under the hat, written diagonally, it says “Charles” in big cursive writing and next to it says “TORRES-FUENTES 1944-1991” in capital block letters. The background of this section is grey and signed on the bottom right corner is “♥Jack and Peggy” The second section, located in the middle has a red background and in the middle there is a medicine wheel. The medicine wheel is white wool material with a red string in the middle and black feathers attached to the string, and 6 green strings with silver, white and black beads, in pairs of two around the rest of the medicine wheel. There is borders of writing on the top and bottom of the section. At the top there are the following initials; “RM●RW●PW●PT●RT●CE●PL●SM● MM●TF●JG●GB●LT●AM●AF●DL●JH●AR●CM●LB●FT●PM●EW●MGS●MB”. On the bottom border it says; “For those who cannot be named ♥ From all your buddies ♥ ċ TLC KSears/02”. In the last section, located on the viewer’s right side, there is a circle split into four equal parts coloured in different colours; the top right quarter being black, bottom right being yellow, top left being red and bottom left being white. The whole circle is surrounded by a red, yellow and green squiggly line. On top of this circle, in block, capital, black letters, it says “TREVOR EARL TRUDEAU 1963-1992”. Under the circle, in bigger, block, capital letters, it says “UNITY UNDER CREATION” in a mix of red, blue, green and yellow colours. This whole section has a grey background, and in the bottom right corner it is “♥ Karen”.
There are some side notes for this panel written by the author:
“ My panel is in 3 sections. 3 feet by 6 feet. (Thank you to Marcia Gregg for her expert assistance sewing the panel! Part 1: Was made with Peggy Fuller. She was his volunteer buddy through the AIDS Committee of Windsor; Charles only has one living relative. His widowed, childless sister Ottillia. We had her blessing for the panel and sent her pictures of it (in Spain, where she now resides). And so it is very important his name be remembered as he is the last ‘Torres-Fuentes’ (These are Ottillia’s wishes). Part 2: is a medicine wheel to symbolize the healing involved with making this panel (for me); above it (on the border) are many initials of peoples whose names I cannot say, but for whom I provided support services and who I miss very much! Part 3: was my client and friend, Trevor; I had his family’s blessings. They also made a panel and it is a part of the American Section of the Quilt; Trevor was a very social, creative and happy spirit, in spite of his suffering; In the fall of ’93 (1 year after his death) I saw a red tailed hawk who threw me a feather. I was sure Trevor’s spirit must be carried on the wing of this Hawk.”
Number of people on this panel: 2
Panel registered on: Thursday, May 11, 1995

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