AIDS Quilt Committee of Kitchener-Waterloo and Area (C-621)

Alternative title: In memory of all the people affected by AIDS in the KW Area
Panel Descripton: Large 6’ by 6’ horizontal panel with large red square in the centre with the words “Aids Quilt Committee” at the top of it with the year “2003” in the middle and the words “Kitchener/Waterloo & Area”. All lettering is in large purple-coloured block format. Surrounding this square is a border of small multi-coloured squares with various designs in each, such as a swirl, a star or a sun. The remainder of the panel is filled with various square tiles, each with its own unique design and each outlined with a striped teal, purple, red and green border. The various squares contain abstract backgrounds with different words in the middle such as soul, imagine, teach, promise and more. As well, every other one of these squares has a red AIDS ribbon with a name on it. There are sixteen in total with the following names: Robert Laureau, Dave Grant, Marjorie Fern (Parfitt) Iles, Brad White, Michael Petti, John Park, Brian Williams, Michael J Smith, John Ormerod, KOS, Paul Cook, Margaret, Craig Barden, Amanda Watson (July 3, 1963 – March 31, 1998), Courgey (2003), Chris Sauvé. Finally, the whole panel is bordered with long multi-coloured rectangles consisting of the colours red, purple, green and blue